The past several months since being accepted into group has had an instant and dramatic impact on my life. Not being a stranger to the psychiatrist’s couch, I have gotten more from just several meetings of my peers than I have from decades of therapy. There is something different, more genuine, about being counseled by […]

Inspirational Poems

QUIET DESPERATION! There are people who live in quiet Desperation. … Acting like it is normal. Afraid to face the truth, Drinking it away… Pilling it away.. Pretending it away… Denying it away… But it is still there, Like a silent storm Ready to erupt…. UNTIL they let the TRUTH free they WILL LIVE QUIET […]

Every time you can DANCE DO IT!

To never give up and always believe that GOD and your COURAGE inside will get you THROUGH whatever you might be facing. I have seen it in my LIFE! That things change even in the worst of times when you believe and have faith. You are stronger then you think! When I had to go […]

Dolores M. Miller — Poetic Healer and Spiritual Survival

I began writing poetry as a psychological release. I did not plan to write poetry, or to write at all, but as I was going through therapy to cope with suppressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. It was affecting my adult life and writing became the outlet through which I could best express my raw, […]

Dr. Mee-Lee Presents; Good advice; Trauma resources; Based off of Pete’s Presentation.

On June 20th, 2014 Pete was asked to speak at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of New Jersey. He shared his experience of childhood sexual abuse with over 80 therapists including world-renowned addiction and mental health expert Dr. David Mee-Lee. Every month Dr. Mee-Lee features a news article and advice column based […]