Each intern working with the Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation has a unique reason for contributing to our mission. Whether they themselves were victims, they were close to a victim, or they were inspired by the cause, each has dedicated their time to helping LGLPCI grow. Our interns work with us to promote our cause by reaching out to survivors, improving and updating our Web site, bringing new ideas to the program, and more. To date, our interns have come from local universities and have used this internship for valuable class credit. In the future, we hope to include international students in our internship program. If you are interested in participating in an internship program with LGLPCI please contact our Executive Director at gretchen@letgoletpeacecomein.org.

Gina, Fall 2012

When I first started my search for the perfect internship I received a packet of potential organizations that worked with Temple University. I came across multiple jobs that looked interesting. I decided if I was going to spend my time gaining the experience, I wanted it to be worth my time. I soon discovered “Let […]

Kim, Fall 2012

As a psychology student interested in the effects of trauma, interning at the Let Go… Let Peace Come In Foundation was ideal. Working with Pete, the founder of the organization and a childhood sexual abuse survivor, definitely personalized the whole CSA pandemic. Just like Pete, most of these survivors need trauma therapy to be able […]

Julie, Summer 2012

The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation is an amazing foundation that does wonders for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. During my time spent at the foundation, I always felt like I was making a difference. At LGLPCI, Gretchen (my supervisor) and Pete (founder/president) are extremely dedicated to what they do in helping survivors get […]

Victoria, Fall 2011

As a psychology major and criminal justice minor, I am very interested in working with those who have suffered from abuse. The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation was of special interest to me because I knew very little about childhood sexual abuse at the time. By the end of my internship, I learned more […]

Margaret, Summer 2011

I was drawn to the Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation after mentoring a group of girls in Mexico, some of whom had been sexually abused. Helping adult survivors heal from trauma that may have happened many years ago is a worthy cause that receives too little attention. My days at LGLPCI were spent commenting […]