Foundation News

The foundation continues to grow every day. Be sure to check our site often for new content and updates about our future plans.

Meditations are here

As part of our mission to help survivors heal we have now added a Daily Meditations page to our website. Here you will find guidelines for getting started with meditating and you will also find inspirational phrases to help you relax and find peace.

It’s official

The Foundation has officially received its 501(c)(3) status confirmation letter from the IRS. We can now begin to actively pursue funding from both federal and private grant makers. By securing funding we can help survivors get the trauma therapy sessions they so richly deserve. Please help us “show” the world that the effects of childhood […]

Up and running

The Foundation has started to actively participate in blogs across the globe. We have established pages on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and we are accepting donations though the paypal links on the “Donations” and “Photo and Caption” pages.

Stories from offline survivors

An editor will be ready to receive by mail the personal stories of those who do not use the internet, and insert them into the system. Our strength is in our numbers. We need every story we can get. They are all very important.

We’re getting there!

Staff have been hired. IT system is being put in place, Volunteers are offering help…..The foundation will soon get busy. Very busy!