Creative Expressions

Many of the survivors use art in its various forms to express their unique individual creativity for their own healing. Here is a collection of poetry, images, videos and creative statements. Feel free to contribute, if you wish. To read the entire creative expression of any survivor's submission, simply click on its title.

Inspirational Poems

QUIET DESPERATION! There are people who live in quiet Desperation. … Acting like it is normal. Afraid to face the truth, Drinking it away… Pilling it away.. Pretending it away… Denying it away… But it is still there, Like a silent storm Ready to erupt…. UNTIL they let the TRUTH free they WILL LIVE QUIET […]

Every time you can DANCE DO IT!

To never give up and always believe that GOD and your COURAGE inside will get you THROUGH whatever you might be facing. I have seen it in my LIFE! That things change even in the worst of times when you believe and have faith. You are stronger then you think! When I had to go […]

Dolores M. Miller — Poetic Healer and Spiritual Survival

I began writing poetry as a psychological release. I did not plan to write poetry, or to write at all, but as I was going through therapy to cope with suppressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. It was affecting my adult life and writing became the outlet through which I could best express my raw, […]

It Is OK To Tell

We are a river wide, Amongst the multitudes we hide We wear the mask of life, Trying hard to manage inner strife. Predators speckle our maps, the fraction that they show Yet the victims’ marks would coat the ground like snow Don’t hide their dirty lies You’ll let the monsters multiply Where was help when […]

Invisible Boy

I am a writer and playwright. I’ve had poems and essays published, including essays on the Sandusky case on The Progressive and Life After Hate websites, and have a book coming out this fall. I’ve written over 20 full-length plays, 50 monologues, a one-act play, and an adaptation. Two years ago I finally shared my […]