Creative Expressions

Many of the survivors use art in its various forms to express their unique individual creativity for their own healing. Here is a collection of poetry, images, videos and creative statements. Feel free to contribute, if you wish. To read the entire creative expression of any survivor's submission, simply click on its title.

Touch Me, Don’t

Cringed in the cavern of my mind, I scream Is this for real?! Or is it a dream?! Could I’d been wrong? Oh how can it be, That what I’ve just been through should happen to me?!!! Flesh that is burning…heart split asunder… Has this storm passed yet? I still feel the thunder!!! Couldn’t you […]

Suspended Animation

I sit in the dark and masturbate Alone in the night wondering why fate Has decided that I should terminate All the dreams I once had… Where is the white picket fence? What happened to all my self defense? How did I lose all my sense Of self worth?


I don’t live. I don’t have a life. I exist. I breathe, but my world is rife In the games of others, I can’t participate… It’s all too much emotional strife I don’t seek, I just hide, hide with my fear, live with my shame. I don’t jump rope, I think of swinging by it, […]


There is always something that can’t be broken