Personal Stories

Within each victim of child sexual abuse there lies a story. It is a story that has severely impacted who we are today. We are family, friends, associates, employees, and our stories bring hope to those who are at every stage of their journey of recovery. So many of us have never told our story because we thought no one would believe us. Maybe we thought that it was our own fault that these vile events happened to us and that there isn't any point in reliving them. It is BECAUSE of these thoughts that we need to break the silence and share our experiences. From each other we will draw inspiration and courage and from that courage we will gain a voice that will be heard by other victims to inspire them on their journey to recovery. Sharing your story will not only help others; it will help you! . To read the entire story, simply click on its title

Eva’s Story

My Story… I was fourteen years old when I told my mother what had happened to me, and why I wanted to die. Through my sobs I told her how I had tried to take my own life that very day by swallowing an entire bottle of aspirin. I remember this clearly. She was sitting […]

No Not Me

I always thought of sexual abuse as something that happened to people on the television or people I didn’t know. It didn’t happen to people I knew… and I’d never think it would happen to me. No, not me… I guess I was in for a rude awakening when I found myself in a situation […]

Unearth Me

There is a hole in my chest that cannot be forgotten, a tearing beneath where no eyes can see. “Me next I want, not to die, to not exist.” What could possess a little girl to want the knife taken to her chest next, not in hopes of death, but in longing to not exist? […]

“Gentle Abuse”: The Ultimate Mind Twist

I have spent my adult life trying to untwist what I experienced as a teenager. Called by professionals, it was sexual abuse. What is so sad for me, is not only how I was robbed of my innocence, emotional, psychological and sexual development, but how no one questioned it, and how I continue to be […]

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage Victims of childhood sexual abuse, too numerous to count, come in all religions, all nationalities, all ages, and all backgrounds. Childhood sexual abuse has no color or religious prejudice, targets no special income group, and plays favorite with neither male nor female. The lingering tragedy remains with its victims for life, no matter […]