Photos & Captions

We encourage and have received hundreds of photos of survivors of child sexual abuse when they were children or photos of them today in addition to any statement they want to make, either anonymously or not. They come to us via email with a scanned photo or snail mail. Join us, if you wish, and send your photo and caption or just a caption to: or you can mail them to the address listed on the contact page.(we will return original photos upon request ). . To view the entire caption of any survivor, simply click on their name.

156 – David

My name is David and I am 51. I had suppressed all the thoughts and images of my childhood sexual abuse for 40 years until I was a juror on a child abuse case. I had been disassociating for all those years, making the abuse had happened to someone else, couldn’t be me, David. I […]

155 – Marcia

My name is Marcia Jean Terpstra and I am an incest survivor. I have spent all my life not understanding what had happened to me. I lived all my life without a soul of my own. As a child and into my teens, I rocked most of my life away. All my choices seemed to […]

154 -Sharon

I was used by a pedophile pastor for several years and, when my parents discovered the abuse, they “forgave” the pastor and he continued to preach. We continued to attend his church. My father, with my mother’s full knowledge used this opportunity to begin his own sexual abuse. I bore his child when I was […]

153 – Child that Never Was

I have carried this burden for over 30 years, to deaf ears…God bless victim number 1 of the Sandusky trial for being courageous enough to speak up and out….he has helped us all….and God bless his mother for supporting him.

152 – Leah