Photos & Captions

We encourage and have received hundreds of photos of survivors of child sexual abuse when they were children or photos of them today in addition to any statement they want to make, either anonymously or not. They come to us via email with a scanned photo or snail mail. Join us, if you wish, and send your photo and caption or just a caption to: or you can mail them to the address listed on the contact page.(we will return original photos upon request ). . To view the entire caption of any survivor, simply click on their name.

014 – Lonni (Canada)

For the first 16 years of my life, I was physically beaten and verbally berated by both parents but when I was 12, my mother left me with her newborn baby and 3 other brothers to care for – abandoning me with her tyrannical, abusive husband because she wanted out of the marriage. My father […]

013 – Tay (United States)

“Why? Why was I not valued or worth protection? Where? Where were those who were to protect me? Mother? Father? All turned a blind eye over…and over…and over again. Take this child, who noone cares to watch over, kill her softly slowly, repeatedly. When she is dead inside, hollow, and used up, no self worth….but […]

012- Eva W (United States)

I felt as if my life had no value, as up to that point it consisted of being ill in hospitals, and men pawing at me. I can remember telling my mother that when I saw the future all I saw was a blackness, a long dark black tunnel. I was a shell. A shell […]

011 – Alaina (United States)

There is a hole in my chest that cannot be forgotten, a tearing beneath where no eyes can see. She was just a little blued-eyed four-year-old daydreaming about a crown of daises in her blonde hair, a long white gown, and prince charming waiting for her, fighting for her honor. Violation strikes; blood, semen, tears, […]

010 – Rachel N (United States)

When I look at this picture, I can see how young I was. It is so clear now that he was a man and I was a young girl. I was 14, and just got my braces off. He was almost 25, and in Graduate School. When he told me that I was “special,” that […]