Photos & Captions

We encourage and have received hundreds of photos of survivors of child sexual abuse when they were children or photos of them today in addition to any statement they want to make, either anonymously or not. They come to us via email with a scanned photo or snail mail. Join us, if you wish, and send your photo and caption or just a caption to: or you can mail them to the address listed on the contact page.(we will return original photos upon request ). . To view the entire caption of any survivor, simply click on their name.

146 – Sherry (United States)

Thank you for this site and the relief that you will give to thousands of people living with the “secret” that tears their very lives apart.

145 – Kristin

144 – I Will

When I was 9, my mother’s boyfriend began sticking his hand up my shirt and making inappropriate suggestions. I spoke up but the situation was pushed aside due to my mother’s inability to accept responsibility. I’m not sure what else transpired, I have blocked out many things, but from this situation on I was identified […]

143 – Mark

The grace is in the striving.

142 – Misa

Recovery from ritual, emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical abuse consumed 25 years of my life. My identity was in shreds but my soul survived and now thrives from a commitment and great courage to go through long and arduous healing. Abuse can destroy but there is great hope for recovery.