We started The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation with the intention of preventing childhood sexual abuse without delay, and to help the countless survivors find the healing and support necessary for their journey to recovery.

Childhood sexual abuse is a widespread crime that is perpetrated upon children of both sexes. Incest refers to any sexual activity between closely related people biologically or people a child loves and trusts.

Childhood sexual abuse is inflicted by men and women of all races and creeds. It happens in the poorest of neighborhoods as well as the most affluent. Childhood sexual abuse happens in homes that practice no religion and it happens in those homes that preach religion. Childhood sexual abusers do not discriminate in any way with regard to their prey.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse have universally one thing in common; they were controlled and manipulated by their abusers and were driven to a point of debilitating shame and fear. One of our goals is to show those who have been so exploited and those who love them that there is a path to recovery and it begins with telling their story to someone who will receive it with caring and understanding.

The survivors should do this first for themselves because they deserve the right to have peace. Secondly, the healthier they become, the more likely it is that our future generations will be healthier human beings emotionally.

The childhood sexual abuse experienced by survivors has impacted their entire lives, and while they felt shame, fear, and loneliness through much of that journey, they realize now, after entering recovery, that the shame belongs only to their perpetrators. They have nothing to be ashamed of, and The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation intends to conduct a major publicity campaign to replace the current stigma of child sexual abuse with its clear understanding so that the recovery process will be as accepted as any other well understood societal problem. This is a necessity in order for widespread recovery to take place, a goal that our foundation is focused on achieving.

Many survivors fell into one or multiple addictions, not realizing that the addictions were one of the many destructive effects of the childhood sexual abuse they endured.

With an estimated 60 million + survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States alone–and over a billion + worldwide–the time is now long overdue to not only stop this horrific pandemic (approximately 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 4 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18), but to also shed much needed light on how to best treat survivors in terms of the results of their perpetrations, which all too often have shaped their behaviors throughout their adulthood. This is precisely why each survivor needs support and help to enter recovery and begin their healing journey. Its impact runs deep and severe.

Our Foundation is determined to make the recovery process available to all survivors through the generous support of our sponsors and donors. The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation is committed to setting up a network of recovery rooms specifically for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse throughout the country and then worldwide with each room overseen by a trained trauma therapist to maintain the feeling of psychological safety for survivors in each room. This network of recovery rooms will be modeled after the undeniably highly successful Alcoholics Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other such recovery rooms, and for the recovery of child sexual abuse to be just as conveniently available as recovery from alcoholism, etc. is with local meetings everywhere.

Many cultures teach children to fear and to be wary of strangers from the youngest age, but far too often sexual perpetrators and pedophiles are adults a child already knows and trusts. For this reason alone, the breach of trust is a wound that is so profound and powerful that it can take years to heal.

Many sexually abused children grow into disconnected adults, functioning on the margins of society because of their deep emotional wounds.

The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation intends to enact change within the healthcare systems, political systems, and societies at large in terms of childhood sexual abuse and its devastating results.

We will weave our message of peace, hope, recovery and happiness into the fabric of these societies by integrating published materials with video, audio and Internet media throughout the world. And with your generous support, we will have the funds to create a non-profit “The Healing New Life Fund,” separate from the funds necessary for the planned network of recovery rooms, to provide the financial assistance necessary to start survivors of childhood sexual abuse on the path to recovery with up to 30 therapy sessions with a trained trauma therapist, one survivor at a time.

Your help and support is needed to make a difference. There are many organizations already addressing the prevention and detection of childhood sexual abuse, but the focus of The Let Go, Let Peace Come In Foundation is to give the prevention of childhood sexual abuse its full intention, without distraction or delay, and to show that the damage is both deeper and wider to adult individual survivors and, therefore, to our society than has been previously understood. We need serious financial support from our corporate, organization and individual brothers and sisters in our country and throughout the world to accomplish our deeply important goals–for everyone’s benefit.

Together we can; together we should; together we need to stop child sexual abuse, and to heal and support adult survivors to become emotionally healthy people by addressing their abuse and having them follow a path to recovery. These actions certainly create a far more productive contribution by survivors and would be survivors at their workplaces, and for a much higher quality of life for all of our children and grandchildren. Child Sexual Abuse Must STOP! And those who have already been sexually abused must be helped by the most effective trained trauma therapists in the field.

Please understand that, although you feel that this is a problem that, thankfully, is not a part of your world today, please be aware that if we as a community do not take the necessary action that our foundation has planned to take in terms of stopping this pandemic and healing those already affected, statistics clearly indicate that our children or grandchildren have a very good chance of marrying an adult survivor. Not only is that marriage doomed from the start, but it will only bring pain–unnecessary pain–to both families from divorce, addictions and other problematic behaviors as it plays out its unavoidable dysfunctions. It seems clear that as a society we can tolerate sexual abuse happening more than we can tolerate talking about it and taking action to do something to stop it.

Join us to accomplish these much needed goals. Give generously and together we CAN do this! With your help, The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation is ready to move forward today! There is no need to wait any longer!