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Books for Female Survivors:

  • Lonely All the Time by Ralph Erle and Dr. Gregory Crow (Buy at Amazon)
  • Little Girl Fly Away – A Shattering True Story of Psychological Terror by Gene Stone (Buy at Amazon)
  • Thou Shalt Not Be Aware – Society’s Betrayal of the Child by Alice Miller (Buy at Amazon)
  • Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman (Buy at Amazon)

Books Written by Female Survivors:

  • Finding Angela Shelton by Angela Shelton (Buy at Amazon)
  • A Child’s Heart Speaks: Surviving Sexual Abuse by Claire Silva (Buy Online)
  • The Third Floor Window, A True Story of Secrets, Survival and Hope by Colleen Spiro (Buy Online)
  • The Enemy Between My Legs by Stephanie L Jones (Buy Online)
  • As if It Didn’t Happen by Maggie Claire (Buy on Amazon)
  • Splinters from my Rocking Chair by Marcia Terpstra (Buy on Amazon)
  • The Doghouse Angel: From the Darkness of Abuse to the Light of Healing by Kimberly Steward (Buy at Amazon)
  • Warming the Stone Children [addressing mother/daughter incest] by Christine Sandor (Buy at Amazon)
  • When the Piano Stops: A Memoir of Healing From Sexual Abuse by Catherine McCall (Buy at Amazon)
  • Stolen Innocence by Erin Merryn (Buy at Amazon)
  • Living For Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness by Erin Merryn (Buy at Amazon)
  • My Name Is Kendra by Kamichi Jackson (Buy Online)
  • Silver Platter Girl by Trish Kinney (Buy at Amazon)
  • Trading Fathers Forgiving Dad, Embracing God by Karen Rabbitt (Buy Online)
  • Listen to the Cry of the Child: The Deafening Silence of Sexual Abuse by Barbara Hansen (Buy Online)
  • Memory Slips – A Memoir of Music and Healing by Linda Catherine Cutting (Buy at Amazon)
  • Beyond the Tears – A True Survivor’s Story by Lynn C Tolson (Buy at Amazon)
  • From Sorrows to Sapphires by Angela Williams (Buy at Amazon)
  • Sexual Abuse Defined: Bondage It Is Time To Tell by Vera Milestone (Buy Online)
  • Beyond Survival – A Writing Journey For Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse by Maureen Brady (Buy at Amazon)
  • Cry the Darkness – One Woman’s Triumph Over the Tragedy of Incest by Donna L Friess, Ph.D (Buy at Amazon)
  • Reflections In The Night – A Survivor’s Story of Total Mind Controlled Slavery and Torture by Mauri (Buy at Amazon)
  • Go Ask Alice – A Real Diary by anonymous (Buy at Amazon)
  • The I in Me by Cynthia Cox (Buy Online)
  • I Forgive You Daddy by Lizzie McGlynn (Buy at Amazon)
  • A House Full of Whispers by Sharon Wallace (Buy at Amazon)
  • Surviving a House Full of Whispers by Sharon Wallace (Buy at Amazon)
  • Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom From Childhood Sexual Abuse by Linda Fossen (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Thursday Group: A Story and Information for Girls Healing From Sexual Abuse (Buy Online)
  • Rising Above the Beatuy of Life by Dolores M. Miller (Buy at Amazon)
    Losing the Way by Kristen Skedgell (Buy at Amazon)
  • Breaking the Silence by Terri White (Buy Online)
  • REPAIR Your Life: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse by Marjorie McKinnon and Marcie Taylor (Buy at Amazon)
  • REPAIR for Kids: A Children’s Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse by Marjorie McKinnon and Tom McKinnon (Buy at Amazon)
  • It’s Your Choice! Decisions That Will Change Your Life by Marjorie McKinnon (Buy at Amazon)
  • Thin Places by Mary DeMuth (Buy at Amazon)
  • Stolen Innocence: The True Life Terror I Experienced As a Child by Elaine Carole (Buy at Amazon)
  • Beautiful Warrior Poetry & Prose by Dolores M. Miller (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Fragments of a Broken Life by Aline Marie Fey (Buy Online)
  • The Sculptor in the Sky by Teal Scott (Buy Online)
  • Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story (Buy at Amazon)

 Books for Male Survivors:

Books written by Male Survivors:

  • Secret Life by Mike Ryan (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Tricky Part by Martin Moran (Buy at Amazon)
  • Half the House by Richard Hoffman (Buy at Amazon)
  • Shhhh…Don’t Say A Word About This: Exposing and Confronting Sexual Perversion by Dr. Loren Due (Buy Online)
  • Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence by Dr. Loren Due (Buy Online)
  • Am I Bad? Recovering From Abuse (New Horizons in Therapy) by Heyward Bruce Ewart III (Buy at Amazon)
  • Silence of Men by Richard Newman and Yusef Komunyakaa (Buy at Amazon)
  • Nigel A Damaged Boy by Nigel King (Buy Online)
  • Terrible Things Happened to Me by Tom Scales (Buy Online)
  • Recovery For Male Victims of Child Sexual Abuse by Hank Estrada (Buy at Amazon)
  • When a Man You Love Has Been Abused by Cecil Murphey (Buy at Amazon)
  • Burnt Cookies: A Quest for Closure by Arny Alberts (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Keystone Kid by Mike Furches (Buy at Amazon) 

Books for Couples:

  • Trust After Trauma: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors and Those Who Love Them by Aphrodite Matsakis (Buy at Amazon)
  • Easy Does It Relationship Guide For People In Recovery: Drama-free, Step-friendly Advice On Attaining, Maintaining, and Sustaining a Committed Relationship by Mary Faulkner (Buy at Amazon) 

Books for Spouses:

  •  Allies in Healing: When the Person You Love Was Sexually Abused As A Child by Laura Davis (Buy at Amazon)
  • If the Man You Love Was Abused by Marie H., Ph. D. Browne and Marlene M. Browne (Buy at Amazon) 

Books for Family Members of Survivors:

  • Families in Recovery by Beverly Engel (Buy at Amazon)
  • As You and the Abused Person Journey Together by Sharon Cheston (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Broken Road by Paige Walker (Buy at Amazon)
  • Family Fallout: A Handbook for Families of Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors by D. Landry (Buy at Amazon) 

Books for Children and Teens:

  •  Please tell by Jesse Ottenweller (Buy at Amazon)
  • A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M Holmes, Cary Pillo and Sasha Mudlaff (Buy at Amazon)
  • Helping Your Child Recover From Sexual Abuse by Caren Adams, Jennifer Fay, and A.G. Fawkes (Buy at Amazon)
  • Repair For Kids: A Children’s Program for Recovery by Marjorie McKinnon and Tom W. McKinnon (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Me Nobody Knows – A Guide for Teen Survivors by Barbara Bean & Shari Bennett (Buy at Amazon) 

Books from Helping Professionals:

  • EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reporcessing] – Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma by Francine Shapiro, Ph. D, & Margot Silk Forrest (Buy at Amazon)
  • The Wounded Heart – Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dr. Dan B. Allender (Buy at Amazon)
  • Trauma and Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman, M.D. (Buy at Amazon)
  • Beyond the Darkness – Healing for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Cynthis A Kubetin & James Mallory, M.D. (Buy at Amazon)
  • Child Sexual Abuse – A Hope for Healing by Maxine Hancock & Karen Burton (Buy at Amazon)
  • Healing Your Sexual Self by Dr. Janet G. Woititz (Buy at Amazon) 

Books for Helping Professionals:

  • Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims – A Practical Guide by Anna C. Salter (Buy at Amazon)
  • Transforming Trauma – A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Anna C. Salter (Buy at Amazon)
  • Treating the Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse – A Psychoanalytic Perspective by Jody Messler Davies, Ph.D & Mary Gail Frawley (Buy at Amazon)
  • Child Sexual Abuse – A Handbook for Health Care and Legal Professionals by Diane H. Schetky, M.D. & Arthur H Green, M.D. (Buy at Amazon)

Books About Healing From Trauma:

  • Dark Water – Stress After Trauma by Opal Rose (Buy Online)
  • Toxic Parents by Dr. Susan Forward (Buy at Amazon)
  • Getting Through the Day – Strategies for Adults Hurt As Children by Nancy Napier (Buy at Amazon)
  • Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw (Buy at Amazon)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Victim’s Guide to Healing and Recovery by Raymond Flannery Jr., Ph. D. (Buy at Amazon)
  • Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb (Buy at Amazon)
  • Ritual Abuse and Other Act of Love by Elspeth Liberty (Buy Online)

Books About Healing From Depression:

  • Overcoming Depression by Demitri Papolos, M.D. and Janice Papolos (Buy at Amazon)
  • When Someone You Love Is Depressed – How to Help Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself by Laura Epstein Rosen, Ph. D. and Xavier Francisco Amador, Ph. D. (Buy at Amazon)
  • Depression – Finding Hope and Meaning In Life’s Darkest Shadow by Don Baker and Emery Nester (Buy at Amazon)
  • Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore (Buy at Amazon)


Maybe Today is about a teen who, after moving to a new school, encounters sexual harassment for the first time. Despite all of her attempts to the contrary, she is left by the school and her father to deal with it alone; but, through four years of Hell, she keeps her faith in God and her will to fight. Maybe Today is a story of failure, suffering, endurance, strength, faith and the ever-present drive to solve a problem that has less to do with her and more to do with them. You can check me out at and read an excerpt at Maybe Today is set for release in November, 2011 and will be in stores in February, 2012.



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