Foundation News

The foundation continues to grow every day. Be sure to check our site often for new content and updates about our future plans.

Male survivors on Oprah

Recently some of the survivors who have courageously posted their photos & captions to the Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation website were asked to join the audience of the Oprah Winfrey show about male survivors and how the sexual abuse they endured as children has affected their lives. The taping of the episode has […]

LGLPCI Helps Another Survivor

The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation is honored to be able to help our “second” survivor enter into therapy. Through your generosity and support this survivor will be receiving 5 therapy sessions from a qualified therapist in his area. This important step in his journey has been made possible through not only donations but […]

Barbara Hansen Interview

One of our supporters and survivors has been fortunate enough to participate in the Good Life 45 television program in the Orlando area. Barbara Hansen was recently interviewed on the Good Life 45 program. In addition to participating in speaking engagements for the last 2 weeks Barbara has also been helping to promote the Let […]

Helping “One” Survivor at a Time

The Foundation is happy to announce that we have helped our first survivor enter into recovery. This survivor will be receiving 30 trauma therapy sessions with a qualified provider in her area so that she can begin the journey toward healing and recovery. This effort has been made possible by through the generous donations made […]

Title Track Now Available

The Foundation recently released a YouTube video urging survivors to “post” to our website. We have now made the title track from that video available for purchase from several major music stores. “Let Go Let Peace Come In”, the name of the track is available for purchase through iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody, Lala, and many […]