Survivors Share

Whether you’re a survivor, a child of a survivor, a spouse of a survivor, a relative, or a friend of a survivor it is very important that you share your story not only for your own recovery, but also to help future generations find their path to healing.

One of our objectives at The Let Go…Let Peace Come In Foundation is to break the silence about childhood sexual abuse so that more survivors will seek recovery. We would like to post as many stories as possible to advocate change in the social, legal, political and healthcare systems.

Your personal stories will help make a difference. If you know of other survivors or people related to them who have a story to share please forward our contact information to them.

Survivors Share in 3 ways:

1. Creative Expressions

Many survivors express themselves best through artistic writings and other creative expressions.

See them here: Creative Expressions

2. Personal Stories

We encourage survivors to share their stories- for other survivors and for themselves!

See them here: Personal Stories

3. Photos & Captions

We have asked survivors (if they wish) to post a photo & caption from their childhood or of today with the option of remaining anonymous. We have received hundreds of such photos & captions by email and mail.

See them here: Photos & Captions

You can email submissions or write to us via our Contact page.