Personal Stories

Within each victim of child sexual abuse there lies a story. It is a story that has severely impacted who we are today. We are family, friends, associates, employees, and our stories bring hope to those who are at every stage of their journey of recovery. So many of us have never told our story because we thought no one would believe us. Maybe we thought that it was our own fault that these vile events happened to us and that there isn't any point in reliving them. It is BECAUSE of these thoughts that we need to break the silence and share our experiences. From each other we will draw inspiration and courage and from that courage we will gain a voice that will be heard by other victims to inspire them on their journey to recovery. Sharing your story will not only help others; it will help you! . To read the entire story, simply click on its title

I Still Have My Voice

I’m writing this as a 28 year old man. After 8 years of a solid drinking problem, from the age of 18-25, I’m slowly but surely starting to try and deal with all those issues I was trying to cover up with the alcohol. The main issue, being sexually abused as a child. I went […]


There are many obstacles I have had to overcome within a short amount of time. My life took a turn when I entered middle school. Nothing was the same after that.​ The incident began during the summer of my six-grade year, I had just finished elementary school. I was on a car ride with my […]

The Boogeyman

When I was young, my grandmother told me stories of the Boogeyman. He would come out at night and punish naughty children. She said he lived in our attic. She was wrong. He lived in the bedroom next to me. The first time happened when I was seven and he was thirteen. My brother came […]

Michelle’s Story

I have never submitted my story for strangers to read. But, I do feel compelled to write and to share. I feel it may be healing for me and hopefully for those who read it. I was pretty much unwanted. And I say pretty much because it was my mother who really wanted me, and […]

Sonia’s Story

I was an extremely shy and lonely nine year old child. I was taught not to disobey adults; I was told by my parents that I was a perfect daughter, very well-behaved because I never complained, was very polite with everyone, used to play all by myself, quiet under the kitchen table (my favourite spot […]