The past several months since being accepted into group has had an instant and dramatic impact on my life. Not being a stranger to the psychiatrist’s couch, I have gotten more from just several meetings of my peers than I have from decades of therapy. There is something different, more genuine, about being counseled by […]

Aaron Fisher (formerly known as Victim 1)

to the Survivor Community Open Letter From November 19, 2012 From Aaron Fisher (formerly known as Victim 1) To the World Community via Let Go…Let Peace Come In  Although I experienced great hardship for many years as a victim of child sexual abuse, the support given to me has been awesome!  People from the United States, […]

Gary L. (New Jersey, United States)

I was a child raised in over 23 foster homes and 16 institutions before the age of 16. In those years, I suffered sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse from countless individuals. I knew it was wrong and I knew that was not the way it should be, but after some time, I began to […]

Maureen (Bucks County, PA)

My sexual abuse was a suppressed memory. It wasn’t until high school when I became sexually active that the memory of my attack resurfaced. My attacker was my uncle. I was around 4 or 5 years old. Although I have always remembered the sexual encounter I experienced with my cousin (my attacker’s son) as a […]

Mark (New Jersey, United States)

My name is Mark and this is a testimonial for the wonderful help that I received from the “Let Go… Let Peace Come In” foundation.  At fifty years of age, my life had become unmanageable. I couldn’t deal with any stress or conflict. I felt like I had to remove myself from everyone, as anything […]